ITASS - the IT Asset Assessment aids you in assessing the ability of the three IT assets:

  • The Human Asset
  • The Technology Asset
  • The Relationsship Asset

We help you in assessing your comany's IT assets. We also advice you on what can/must be done depending on the current and aspired status.To get a no-charge assessment of your company's IT Assets, use the following form:

The Ability of the Company's IT Assets

Please indicate by checking the box which statements apply to your company.

1. Does IT staff have technical capabilities that match the technology plan?
2. Is there a plan for infusing or acquiring skills in new technology?
3. Is the IT staff expected by both IT and business management to solve business problems?
4. Is the IT staff close enough to the business to understand and predict business problems?
5. Does IT staff regularly invest in technical, business, and interpersonal training?
6. Does IT staff have negotiating, coaching, and counselling 6 skills?
7. Do projects meet deadlines?
8. Are development costs lower than those of our competitors?
9. Have IT and business management defined a technology plan based on strategic business principles?
10. Do IT and business management understand the costs and benefits of non-compliance with standards?
11. Are business managers complying with the plan and with the standards?
12. Are standards hamstringing efforts to address business needs?
13. Is there a plan for bringing non-standard systems into compliance?
14. Is there a process for identifying and changing inappropriate standards?
15. Are data and information available to decision makers when they need it?
16. Are system availability, system response times, and IT support costs better than those of our competitors?
17. Do IT and business executives share a vision for how IT will support the business?
18. Do IT and business managers have overlapping, frequently used, formal, and informal channels of communication at many levels of the firm?
19. Do IT and business managers consult with each other regularly on business and technical decisions?
20. Do all large projects have active business executive sponsorship and leadership?
21. Do IT and business managers have a mutual understanding of each other's responsibilities for planning, developing, and supporting systems?
22. Are the IT and business managers satisfied with their abilities to communicate and negotiate with each other?
23. Do clients have realistic expectations for IT services?
24. Do IT and business partners negotiate priorities for cycle time, cost, and flexibility?


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