One of many challenges today is to understand the role of IT within the enterprise and how to adopt it to meet business goals. The IT Profile - PROFIT helps you determine IT's current fit within the corporate structure. It also helps you to steer IT organizations in future directions based on contribution, goals and business justification of IT within the company.

To get a no-charge assessment of your company's IT Profile, use the following form:

PROFIT - The IT Profile

Please indicate by checking the box which statements apply to your company.

1. What is IT's focus?

a. Process efficiency
b. Organizational effectiveness
c. Enterprise-wide initiatives (e.g. ERP)
d. Strategic

2. What is the primary business driver of your current IT organization?

a. Control technology expenses
b. Meet departmental goals
c. Increase the company's market share
d. Dominate the industry

3. What level of management is involved in the IT decisions?

a. IT users
b. Departmental business managers
c. The executive management team
d. The board of directors

4. What is the corporate view of IT?

a. IT is the provider of technical capability
b. IT is the basis for organizational efficiency
c. IT is strategically aligned with our business strategy
d. IT enables corporate vision

5. What is the company's overall perception of IT's contribution?

a. IT provides technology
b. IT enables service level agreements
c. IT is a strategic tool
d. IT is a competitive weapon

6. What is the IT management approach?

a. IT is managed as an expense center
b. IT is managed as a service center
c. IT is managed as a profit contributor
d. IT is managed as a value center


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