The Universal Forces

So, where are we heading in this warped age? Are there “New Rules for the New Economy” like Kevin Kelly claims in his “Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world”, or are we just seeing familiar universal laws applied closer to home base? Is there really something like a New Economy, or is it just so, that we now are experiencing the forces of the universe? Or is it all because the Wall has come down, like Thomas Friedman writes in his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree?


The development of the computer chip has for more than thirty years followed a formula devised by Gordon Moore. Moore’s Law, as it is also known as, says: “The computer capacity will double every eighteen month, while the price will remain the same”.

Another law that effects us in many ways is Metcalfe’s Law. This law was formulated by Robert Metcalfe, Ethernets inventor. Metcalfe’s Law says: “The power of a network increases geometrically by the number of connected computers”. What Metcalfe’s Law also says in a little different way is that: “The value of a network increases geometrically by the number of participants”. In other words, the more we connect the higher the value.

Yet another law that deals with the development of technology has been formulated by George Gilder. Gilder’s Law says: “The bandwidth will triple every twelve month for the next twenty five years” (Gilder’s Law was formulated in 1997).

What these laws tell us, is that not only do we get double our moneys worth every eighteen months or so and networking is the way of creating great value, but our Information Highways also triples in size every twelve months.

The decisive Forces:

The Market