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Why do companies exists? Why do they have the size they have? Howdoes the company conclude what should be done internally and what should be left to the market? Nobelprice winner, Ronald Coase has studied these basic questions. Coase has found that the answer to these questions is the fact that companies do some tasks

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One Size Does Not Fit All

For several years now, the leading ERP vendors have tried to convince us that One-Size-Fits-All. Companies like SAP, JD Edwards, Baan, and Intentia has made us believe that this is really the case and it’s almost like a natural law. We have heard that tailor made systems are much more expensive and even dangerous. How

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The Benefits of Using a Business Analysis Framework

By using a Business Analysis Framework (see Figure 1) we can establish:

Business Goals
Business Views

Abstractions (areas/views)
Perspectives (separation of concern)

Business Definitions

Business Information
Business Roles & Responsibilities
Business Rules
Business Operations
Business Infrastructure

Figure 1. The Business Analysis Framework

The Success Framework

The Success Framework builds upon “A Framework for Information Systems Architecture”, by John Zachman published in an 1987 article in the IBM

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The Universal Forces

So, where are we heading in this warped age? Are there “New Rules for the New Economy” like Kevin Kelly claims in his “Twelve dependable principles for thriving in a turbulent world”, or are we just seeing familiar universal laws applied closer to home base? Is there really something like a New Economy,

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Time and Talent - The Power of 2

Time and Talent are our most critical resources. They also posses some common features, they can’t be reproduced and they can’t be recycled (at least not yet). When they are gone, they are gone. Wasted time and talent are gone forever and their levels of uniqueness are extremely high.

There is only one master of your

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Our most valuable assets

An organizations most valuable assets are the software and information that is embedded in systems and employees.

Information about money has become almost as important as money itself

– Walter Wriston, former CEO and Chairman of Citicorp/Citibank –

This famous remark, was formulated in the 1970s, now inscribed in the lobby of New York’s Library of Science,

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