Other Books by Leif Trulsson

Leif Trulsson is the author and co-author of the following books on application development:

Family Planning and Application Development – TeamConnection Unleashed, SG26-2008-00 Redbooks, published 12 August 1996
TeamConnection and WorkFrame Integration Survival Guide, SG24-4610-00 Redbooks, published 7 August 1996
Looking at CMVC from the Customer Perspective, GG24-4345-00 Redbooks, published 15 June 1995
AIX Application Development and How to Migrate and Enhance

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Value Driven Development

In Value Driven Development I explore three principles that are easy to understand and easy to implement. You will learn how these principles allow you to address the underlying problems. You will find out how these simple principles help you to increase value and profitability and the ability to compete. With these principles you will

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