The first day of my new life

Yesterday was the first day of my new life! After more than five, very hectic, years as CIO at Procurator AB in Sweden I yesterday went on a long, well deserved, vacation.

“So what are you going to do?” – is the most common question I’ve got in the last couple of months. Usually I say that I’m going to retire, but I really have  a number of plans. But what I really mean by saying that I’m retiring, is that I will not be employed anymore. I’m actually embarking on two new projects:

  • Move to Spain
  • Generate monthly income streams.

The Move to Spain project has started in that sense, that we have engaged a realtor in the sub project of selling our house. When that’s done, I will fly down to Costa del Sol and start looking at interesting objects. My wife and I have already got the NIE numbers, which you need to be able to purchase a property in Spain. This means that when our house is sold, we can act very swiftly if we want to.Roblox Hack No Survey No Download

So why are we moving to Spain? For the climate. Where we live in Sweden right now, is a very beautiful place with lots of QoL (quality of life). We live in a pine forest only 150 meters from a very nice sandy beach in the most southern part of Sweden known as Falsterbo Näset. And those of you who have been to this part of the world, you know what I’m talking about. But – and this is the big BUT, the climate in Sweden is not the best in the world, and when you get older you really suffer during the winter months. If I could, I would really love to move back to California where we lived for a couple of years in the nineties. But that’s to far away from children and grandchildren, so Spain and Andalucia it is. It’s the closest to California we can get in Europe and the climate is really nice to us sun-hungry northerners.

The Generate monthly income streams has also started, and I have a number of Internet based projects going on, where this site is one of them. A sub project within the Generate monthly income streams is going back to what I once used to call my retirement project, and that is generating profits on options. And if you are interested in how you can profit on options, please take a look at Trading By The Numbers. By investing about 15 minutes a day, you can really create a monthly income stream for yourself.

Admittedly, I have lost money on options, but that’s because I deviated from my own rules and from my own gut feeling. But if you follow the advise given in Trading By The Numbers you could probably generate up to 20% return on invested capital on a monthly basis.

Before I go, I’d like to tell you about a spooky little thing that happened on the evening/night of my last working day. I have an old granny’s clock that once used to belong to my grandmother and it’s been running fine ever since I got it. But on Tuesday night April 19th, 2011 it just stopped running, and I just can’t get it to run anymore. Maybe it’s a sign from my since long past away grandmother or maybe it’s just a coincidence, who knows. But I see it as a good sign, that now I’m embarking on my new life.

So – Hasta La Vista and I’ll keep you posted on the progress of my new projects.