The Success Formula - Part 5

In part 5 of The Success Formula, we will look at Reward.

When I talk about reward, I’m not referring to the kind of hefty bonuses that we’ve seen in the last decade or so. That kind of reward is definitely not good for either the moral nor what’s best for the business or organization as a whole. That’s pure greed and nothing good has ever come out of greed.

Reward in this context is on the other hand good for the morale. To celebrate success and advancement strengthens team spirit and can act as the glue between project team, users, and sponsors. Many are the projects where a good get-together has worked as a catalyst and platform for further communication and collaboration in the project and thus contributing to the success of the project. But even a tap on the shoulder or a word of appreciation works wonders.

In the old IBM, the IBM that the Watsons built, reward and incentives were an important part in motivating and rewarding the employees for their contributions. Also spouses where, at least once a year on a local level, part of this appreciation.

Reward and appreciations don’t have to be on the grand scale like the old IBM HPC (Hundred Per Cent Club; for successful sales personnel), but could be a modest Dinner for Two or some other more modest token of appreciation. It was never the financial size of the appreciation that mattered, but the appreciation it self.