Assessing IT Assets

How can organizations apply IT to enhance competitiveness? The answer lays in the development of an especially effective IT capability: the ability to control IT-related costs, deliver systems when needed, and effect business objectives through IT implementations. This capability derives from careful management of three key IT assets:

  • Highly competent IT human resource
  • Reusable technology base
  • Strong partnering relationship between IT and business management

The quality of these assets dictates the quality of IT planning, delivery, and support processes. And the quality of those processes influences a firm’s ability to deploy IT to meet strategic objectives.

The key objectives for IT management practices are to build IT capability that will consistently allow the organization to identify and implement opportunities to apply IT to strategic needs better, faster, or cheaper than the competitors. The value and inimitability of an organization’s IT capability depend on the status of their humantechnology, and relationship assets.

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